A downloadable game for Windows and Mac OS X

Meet Mr. Bobo, your orange friend with a big rear-end who will guide you through wild and wonderful worlds to meet new monsters and create a home for yourselves in the Monster Garden.

You can choose how to engage with mysterious forces you encounter along the way, making your garden and gang of monsters a reflection of your unique path through the game. There is no winning or losing, just different ways the garden can grow.

Monster Garden was inspired by Bernie De Koven's "inner playground," a conceptual tool for developing your imagination and learning to face even unknown or scary things with a playful attitude.

Each area you explore is based on a negative emotional themeーthe persistent feeling that something is wrong in the first area, for example, or the anxious pressure to hurry and never relax in the secondーand each monster embodies a response such as silliness or analytical thinking.

You can follow development on TIGSource: https://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=56012...

Or on Twitter: @_monstergarden

Made by Zack Wood @williamzwood

Music by Darriell Butler and David Wells



More information

Published173 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Retro, rpg, rpg-maker-mv
Average durationA few minutes
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

************MAC USERS***********

You have to go to "System Preferences" > "Security and Privacy" and choose to "Allow Apps Developed from Anywhere" in order to open it. Sorry - I hope RPG Maker people fix that soon.


If you're having any other problems you can always play in your browser: http://www.beavertoad.com/www/index.html


Monster Garden OSX.zip (57 MB)
Monster Garden PC.zip (56 MB)

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